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A well-rounded team provides strong leadership and management.

Michael J. Lasky

Clifford Schinkel

Larry J. Behar

Wallace A. Glausi

Pat Johnson

Nicholas Jones

Kris M. Dipaola

Leadership and Management

Nicholas Jones offers 20 years of experience coaching business leaders and managers, consulting on team dynamics in the workplace as well as balancing communication internally and externally. An entrepreneur, investor and business owner since 1980, he has formed and managed a multitude of companies across different industries: construction, architectural design and engineering, commercial art, design and marketing, health and wellness, training and education.

Nicholas draws from an eclectic and extensive toolkit ranging from NLP technologies to universal principles in human potential work to direct wisdom from indigenous North and South American traditions. These tools are applied at the individual and board room level to help restore balance and flow to enterprises and projects. As the CIO (Chief Integrity Officer) for the new paradigms in commerce, Nicholas provides the essential leadership in areas such as: sourcing and intent, formation, focus of Mission and Vision, core corporate values, articulating key operating principles, internal/external alignment and fulfilling sustainable productivity. He consults to Client companies as they become part of the C2M portfolio, at all stages of business development: start-up, project-based, change or crisis stage management, leadership coaching. Nicholas' personal and business philosophy is based on building the integrity necessary for sustainable growth.

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