The C2M Model

C2M facilitates connections between foreign investors and job creation.

C2M's Catalyst-2-Market Services (C2M Services ©) delivery strategy is a hybrid of a consulting firm, turn-around service, an HR outsourcing firm, and a finance consultancy that is designed to be compliant with the USCIS EB-5 Program direct job creation requirements.

C2M has registered for copyright protection for their business plan serving the EB-5 program and new job creation. This unique delivery of EB-5 funding through a staffing model requires that we handle all the "strings attached" to investment capital coming through the USCIS EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa program.


Provision of a custom-recruited team of Associates to the Client businesses is the primary business activity of C2M Services ©. The creation of new jobs is made possible by C2M's receipt of EB-5 funds, which it uses to directly hire a team of workers tailored to each Client.


HR Services

In addition to consulting, a competitively-priced suite of extended HR Services are offered to complement the base staffing contract. These are designed to serve a need for HR services in businesses that are not large enough to sustain their own in-house HR departments.

Professional Consulting

The final component included in C2M's Business Acceleration formula © is a high-level suite of consulting services. Typically in this stage of early growth, businesses are challenged by not being able to afford a full-time host of C-suite leaders or senior executives. C2M provides the solution by offering these consultants on an as-needed basis for a time or occurrence-based fee.

Private Equity

We can provide our domestic Clients with the relevant information needed to convey sound enterprise proposals in the US. The EB-5 investment can become a catalyst for follow-on private capital to increase participation units per person, thereby offering the Client and foreign participants more effective capital strategies.

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