Our History

C2M is built on a foundation of EB-5 experience and government support.

In 2009, Michael J Lasky initiated a local Oregon job-creation campaign, formed and created for compliance under the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Regional Center underwriting guidelines.

By 2010, Lasky had secured the written support of US Senator Wyden, the Mayors of Portland and Beaverton, our Congressman and many key leaders of our communities. In March 2012, the final application for this EB-5 business accelerator was submitted to the US federal agency for final approval.

The Regional Center proposed $100 million in initial capitalization with the capacity to increase foreign EB-5 / capital-stack financing revenue potential beyond a billion dollars in seven years.

Based on three years of EB-5 experience, a stand-alone EB-5 venture, C2M Services, was reverse-engineered to expedite job creation and more effectively serve existing businesses looking for growth capital. This single fast-track EB-5 enterprise does not require pre-approval by the USCIS, as it follows pre-existing stand-alone application criteria. The new venture is branded and offered to foreign markets as EB-5 Express © .

As the strength of our economy improves from a global stall (2020-2022) and supply chain interruption, C2M will bridge new resources and strategic alliances to entrepreneurs and small enterprises in finance technology sectors, real property solutions and further bridge access to global capital markets.

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