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Michael J. Lasky

Clifford Schinkel

Larry J. Behar

Wallace A. Glausi

Pat Johnson

Nicholas Jones

Kris M. Dipaola

Leadership and Management

Michael J. Lasky's career began after college at Adrian Wilson and Associates ("AWA") in Glendale, CA. His mentorship by global architect, engineer and master planner Adrian J. Wilson (F.A.I.A.) afforded a four-year consulting opportunity benefiting from Wilson's vast experience managing his 32 architectural offices worldwide with an aggregate value estimate of AWA projects at $40 billion. Michael became a VP of Development in Wilson's new consulting firm and consulted in finance negotiations and strategies, international project representation and sales. Following Mr. Wilson's retirement, Michael founded Continental Designs in Honolulu, Hawaii, an award winning high-end interior architectural design firm and international import service co-venture with International Marketing Corporation of La Jolla, CA. Michael bridged this executive management experience to freelance producing and development in the motion picture industry with Hall Bartlett Motion Pictures, in Beverly Hills, CA. He continued with the start-up collaborations as acting CEO for Gotham Metro Studios and CinemaZone.com, and as consultant for many independent companies seeking finance, marketing and international sales acumen. Since 1998, Michael has focused on the digital economy with business models that incorporate media and technology by consulting in start-ups, development, turn-arounds, acquisitions and growth strategies. He officially entered the EB-5 consulting field with a securities focused law firm in 2009 and subsequently wrote and submitted a Regional Center application for Northwest Oregon and the Portland area.

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