C2M EB-5 Facilitator and Business Accelerator


C2M fuels local jobs and business growth. New jobs are directly created by the strategic deployment of EB-5 funds from an immigrant investor applying for a "Green Card" through a special federal program that has been in existence since 1990. But capital alone does not create growth. Small businesses also need HR support and high-level consulting to accelerate. C2M provides both as Venture Catalysts.

What We Do

We accelerate business. Venture Catalysts are distinct from venture capitalists, intended to catalyze success for a business without the leveraged equity position motive or control but rather by Business Acceleration and Partnership. What we mean by a Business Accelerator is the merging of funding for human resources and related HR services with macro-level operational planning, growth strategy consulting, C-level efficiency consulting and more value-added services.

What We Offer

Think hybrid conventional staffing firm, employment agency, HR outsourcing firm and business consultancy. We pull these together in compliance with the federal EB-5 Program direct job creation requirements, and serve it up here in the heart of the Greater Portland/Vancouver area to stimulate the regional economy.

How We Work

We marry EB-5 funding to HR services and partner with clients to help catalyze their ventures. This begins with a custom-recruited team of new hires that will serve full-time positions identified in client business plans as part of their growth strategies. Our clients' unique human resources needs are fulfilled during key growth and expansion phases. In addition, we offer a menu of HR Services and Consulting, in a comprehensive Client Services Agreement.

Join the leading edge of EB-5 funding for a growth economy. If you're inspired then consider being a candidate for a strategic alliance. Our Clients may be looking for other sources of capital. You may have Clients that are candidates for our program. If you're in a finance-related industry - investment banking, private equity or if you're an investor yourself - please CONTACT US.

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