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"EB-5 Express" is the new term for an expedited way to harness the power of EB-5 capital. This is a stand-alone EB-5 venture that takes off fast and hits the ground running. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services EB-5 "Green Card" application process requires that funds be invested at risk in the United States and that the capital be used to fund direct job creation. C2M is putting $15 M directly to work in the local economy.

EB-5 Program

If you're a US citizen you might never have heard of EB-5. Every country has some form of fast-track for immigration based on investing funds into their economy. It makes sense. In exchange for an expedited processing time on a visa, the foreign investor puts capital into US economy. In the case of the USCIS EB-5 Immigrant Investor program, the money has to go to work for years creating new American jobs.

Our Unique Model

Think outsourced money and in-sourced jobs! There's a win - win - win here for all parties involved:

Win #1 - New jobs are created in our local communities: 330*
Win #2 - Regional economy is boosted by the spillover effect: $70 M*
Win #3 - EB-5 Investor gets permanent residency in the United States: Priceless

*An initial $15 M fund will create 330 new jobs with an estimated fiscal impact of $70 M.

Partner With Us

We are seeking alliances with complementary government and community organizations at Local, Regional and State levels - please CONTACT US.

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